Earn Money With Your Online Photos.


This morning, Download Squad has uncovered something that might help you earn a little extra cash with your digital photos. Seems there is a new service called Image Reward which gives you points for having people view your online photos, and you can turn these points into cash and/or gift certificates. However, no adult images, so please…keep your clothes on. From Download Squad:

Each time your photos are viewed you earn 2 points, and you earn 20 for every friend referral. Once you get to certain point threshold you can trade your points in for cash. $10 is the smallest amount you can redeem and you’ll have to have earned 20,000 points to get it. 400,000 points will earn you $200. Points can also be redeemed for Amazon and Super gift certificates.

Pretty nifty, no? I will be sure to go check it out today and see what the in-depth details are, but I thought some of you might want to check it out as well. Go earn yourself some money!

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