The New Airbus A380 Lands At LAX, I Slept In.


Would you feel comfortable flying on a plane that could hold up to 850 people?

Yesterday morning, the brand new gigantic Airbus A380 had two landings here in the US..one landing at JFK in New York with 491 people on board and one at LAX with….no one on board. Well, I hope they had pilots. A few people I knew were thinking of going down near the airport to see this behemoth come in, but I decided a few extra minutes of sleep was a little more important.

I think the plane is cool and all, and I am glad to hear it is more fuel efficient, quieter and faster than a 747, but I cannot get over imagining 850 people on one plane. I hate airports as it is, and I hate flying even more, so coping with the loading and unloading of almost a thousand people has my nerves aflutter.

“Still, they didn’t even complain when they had to stand in lines six people deep to use one of the 15 toilets.” Sounds fun.

…Besides, what if….

Would you take a ride on one of these things while they are just starting to fly? Or would you prefer to stick to the tried and true 747 and 777’s?

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Comments (4)

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  1. Yan says:

    I thought one of these landed here in Chicago…

  2. David says:

    Did it? I thought I read that it was only LAX and JFK…

  3. Yan says:

    It was on local radio this week. They also mentioned the police will be fining everyone who parks on the roadside outside of O’Hare airport (spotters).

  4. david says:

    And they will be there, people lined the roads around LAX 4 hours before the plane even came in…