Favorite Blog Wednesday – The Girl From Beantown.


The seventh personal finance site in my series “Favorite Blog Wednesday” is Boston Gal’s Open Wallet, which is written by….Boston Gal. I first started reading Boston Gal’s Open Wallet last year sometime when I first discovered the world of personal finance bloggers and have had her in my RSS reader since then. Since I am from Boston myself, I have a particular connection with Boston Gal even though we have not ever met. I miss my Red Sox!

As for her site, Boston Gal makes it a point of posting daily, whether it be on personal issues surrounding her finances or news that she thinks we need to know about that we might have missed.

Boston Gal is obviously financially astute seeing as how her net worth is nothing to shake a stick at. And way back in the day she was kind enough to answer an email from me regarding a budget spreadsheet she had developed. That attention to your readers gets you far!

I know you will find a ton of interesting tidbits at Boston Gal’s Open Wallet, and be sure to add her to your RSS News reader. And look for blog #8 next week!

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