Carnival Of Personal Finance #93 Is Tired But Happy.


This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance is up over at Tired But Happy and it is quite a list! Some of my favorites from this morning’s carnival include:

My Open Wallet with Rule #16: Who Do You Think You Are?

Money, Matter & More Musings talks about a lifetime warranty on car brakes….after spending $687 first.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has an interesting post about deducting charitable contributions. I agree Jim, deduct them. If there were no deductions, people would donate less, plain and simple.

The Sun’s Financial Diary compares two “save money for college programs” – BabyMint and UPromise. We use UPromise and we don’t even have kids yet. Free money is free money, and its even better when it will help pay for education expenses in 20 years.

Be sure to look for next week’s carnival over at No Credit Needed!

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  1. Sun says:

    Thanks for the mention! Hope the article can be of help for your readers who are interested in “shop and save for college” :D.

  2. Golbguru says:

    Thanks for the mention and the link. 🙂