Would You Move To The Country For Free Land?

Update: Fixed the broken links, sorry about that!

We have been contemplating a move to the country once we start having kids because A. buying a house here in Los Angeles is cost prohibitive and B. we are not sure we want our kids going to the public schools here. We do live in one of the, if not THE most desirable place in Los Angeles to live, and the schools are not bad, but still…it is Los Angeles. So we do dream of one day buying some land (10 acres +) in the country somewhere and either living in the house on the land or building our own modern home. (see the Breezehouse) When I started looking for land in the country, I came across a few states that were offering free plots to anyone that wanted them as long as you build within 2 years of acquiring the land. Not bad, really. The lots are not as big as we would want, but the idea still sounds interesting. Kansas is one of the places giving away a lot of free land, and there are a ton of websites that promote this:

Kansas Free Land
Atwood Kansas
Eureka Kansas
Kansas City

There are also towns in Alaska and some other states that are more than willing to give you a free lot if you build on it within a certain amount of time. Granted, the midwest is not the ideal place for us and we are thinking more along the lines of New Mexico, but still…free land. Hmm. Anyone out there either take advantage of one of these programs or have given them any thought?

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  1. Kirk Walsh says:

    Hey, just a quick note that none of the links work. The KC.com article returns a 404 error and the other links are looking for the websites as subdirectories of your website.

  2. david says:

    Thanks Kirk, just fixed them. Thanks for letting me know, I did not catch that!

  3. TF Miser says:

    I had been thinking about doing a post on this topic since seeing the article about it in the KC Star. There are some requirements to getting the free land. The main drawback is they are very small towns and none of them are close enough to a large city for commuting purposes.

  4. David says:

    Thats why we have to make sure we can work from home if we ever did this. Who knows, I know there are a lot of issues with this stuff, but free land is a pretty good incentive.

  5. I would consider it if I could run a very good business on the Internet. Also, it might be worth paying land in a place you want to live is the land is cheap enough.

    I believe that many states have an eminent domain law where if you live there for 7 years and the owner doesn’t kick you out, it’s yours. I don’t know how often it’s used, but I’m guessing there are a lot of places in America where you could hide for 7 years and get the land free that way.

  6. david says:

    Yea Lazy Man, we will probably end up buying land where we want to live, but for people that are looking for a change and just want some land, these could be valuable programs.

    As for hiding for 7 years, are you trying to tell us something? 😉