Sometimes, It Pays To Spend More On A Mac.

Sometimes, you just have to spend a little more. Quality of life is important, and I know there are hardcore Windows users out there, but occasionally you just have to spend a little more to get something that just works. About 6 years ago I switched to using Apple computers and I never looked back. I even convinced my mom to go Apple, as she was always calling with problems with her Windows machine. Since she switched about a year ago, neither of her Macs have crashed and she barely ever calls me for help with it. My wife, who had never used an Apple before meeting me, cannot imagine going back to Windows machines. We have 2 in our house and I can do everything I need to do on them, whether it is doing business stuff, video editing, creative work, etc. I have never come across something on my computers that I could not do because I did not have Windows.

Anyway, I know it is not directly related to personal finance, but I think buying the best machine is a worthwhile expense, and for us, that was switching to Apple computers. They might be a little more expensive in the short term, but I would never go back.

If you were looking for some reasons on why to switch, I came across this post over at Valleywag.com that could help you with your decision!

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  1. shawna says:

    I’m wanting to switch to a mac but the prices are a bit steep for me right now. Any tips on where to get a good price? Thanks 🙂

  2. Mark Shead says:

    Here are some ways to get a good deal on a Mac:

    1. Get a refurb unit. The are sold on the Apple store page. Look for the red “sale” tag.

    2. Get a student discount (if you qualify). Go to the home page of Apple and find your school under education.

    3. Buy memory from a different company. It will usually be cheaper.

    4. Sign up for a developer account. Under certain circumstances you can save a lot of money. It probably doesn’t make sense unless you are actually a developer.

    5. Wait to buy Apple Care. You are covered for the first year. I think as long as you buy the coverage within 12 months, I think you are covered. (Double check to make sure before buying.)

  3. david says:

    Thanks for the comments Mark. I agree on the refurb thing; the laptop I am using right now was one a few years ago and it has been perfect. Also, you can wait 12 months to buy Apple Care, just FYI. I did not buy it, but for some people it definitely makes sense.

  4. Daynah says:

    Linux (recommended distro: Ubuntu) is free. It is better than Windows -and- a Mac, in some areas, but not as good in others. In the same manner, Macs are better and worse at the same time than Windows, and Windows is better and worse at the same time than both Mac and Linux. It’s a wicked game of rock, paper, sissors.

    Basically, though, if you don’t play video games, you’ll have a great time on Ubuntu (the new Feisty Fawn edition is coming out soon), which is free, and worth far more. I have been given two or three copies of Windows from my school, and I just… don’t use it. My boyfriend has a mac, and it just confuses me (but I’m sure I’d understand it if I spend more time with it.) You can try Ubuntu without installing. Have fun being free from propritary (free like America) and free like free coffee!