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Today’s guest post is from The Digerati Life, who was kind enough to send an article over for me to publish while we are on vacation. I am quite familiar with the preschool dilemma, as my wife is a preschool/kindergarten teacher and it always amazes me how much these parents pay to send their kids to school. Makes me glad she is a teacher as we will probably send our kids with her for free!

Is that wonderful bundle of joy you have at home finally ready to leave the nest? I’m not talking about your 21 year old boomerang kid. It’s about your preschooler. And at 4 years old, if he or she is set to start school, get ready for a trip.

It’s one thing if you have a great supply of preschools or elementary schools around you, but if you live where I do, that isn’t the case. It’s a hot topic among parents in my neighborhood, where heated discussions in message boards erupt whenever school is discussed. It’s because there appears to be some sensitivities surrounding the private vs public school debate — and the bottom line is the question of quality.

In San Francisco, families are in waiting lists for a spot in a K-6 school. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you decide for your kids to go public, you are subjected to a school assignment lottery, which turns into a rather strange case of school system roulette. There could be a fantastic school by your doorstep, but the San Francisco public education system may, through this lottery, cause your kid to end up in a more questionable place quite farther from where you live. So it’s no surprise many families opt to go private, and when they do, they just found a fantastic new way to use up their retirements savings. If you’re one of those people, just put your 401K in an envelope and mail it to the headmaster down the street. Of course you can opt to apply for financial aid, or bet on the special talents and genius of your child to eke out a spot for himself in the roster. But that’s yet another lottery you will need to play.

So to all you soon-to-be parents out there in some booming metropolis, sign up your unborn child NOW for PRESCHOOL! For all new parents out there….good luck!

2004-2005 Tuition Rates for some Bay Area Private Schools

Castilleja (Palo Alto) $24,000
Challenger (multiple locations) $10,160
Chinese American International School
(San Francisco)
Crystal Springs (Hillsborough) $23,280
Girls Middle School (Mtn View) $16,500
Harker (San Jose) $21,000
Hillbrook (Los Gatos) $17,450
Keys (Palo Alto) $17,150
Menlo (Atherton) $24,800
Nueva (Hillsborough) $22,940
Phillips Brooks (Menlo Park) $18,900
Pinewood (Los Altos) $11,950 – 16,800
St. Joseph (Atherton) $21,870
St. Nicholas (Los Altos) $4,950 (in parish)
$7,245 (out of parish)
Trinity (Menlo Park) $16,740
Woodside Priory (Portola Valley) $23,830

Thanks to The Digerati Life for the guest post while I am away!

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  2. Just checked this out! Thanks for allowing me to guest post. And I really like your new digs! 🙂

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  4. Stephanie says:

    Phew! Makes me glad I pay so little for my daughter’s preschool. We pay $185/month to take our daughter to a preschool through our local public school.

  5. david says:

    Stephanie, that is a great deal!

    And Digerati, thanks for the post, it certainly helped while we are away!