You Think You Can Raise My Rates? Cancelling My Phone And DSL.

So Verizon decided that enough was enough after a year on my contract price and sent an email to me (and others, I am sure) that my rates would be going up next month for my DSL service…by $10 per month! I guess they do not watch market prices for this stuff too much, because cable internet prices have been coming down significantly lately and my cable company, Time Warner, is now offering the same speed I currently have with DSL for $19.99, which is a full $15 less than what the “new” DSL price would be. Ka-ching!

The other advantage to getting cable internet is that I can now get VOIP phone service, which will save me even more money every month. I have not been able to get it because Verizon does not offer “naked DSL” in my area, meaning DSL without phone service as well. But now, when I switch to cable internet, I can get VOIP finally from Vonage and get rid of Verizon at my house altogether. Total savings?

What I pay currently for DSL and unlimited phone service – $90.00

What I will be paying for cable internet and VOIP – $55.00

A grand total of $35 per month in savings, or $420 per year.

Thats a pretty good amount of savings per month for a simple phone call or two. This just goes to show that it pays to investigate alternatives in your area and even calling competing companies to see if they have something to offer you that can save you money. Time Warner sometimes gets a bad rap for their internet service, but in my area people seem to be pretty happy with them.

Add this new savings to the money I will be saving by moving our car to a cheaper garage closer to our house, and we will be instantly be saving $65 per month. And to take it even further, I mentioned before that we sold my wife’s car, so we no longer have her payment or insurance. So adding that savings to the above new savings, we are now saving a grand total of $425 per month that was going out the door only a few weeks ago.

Over $5,000 per year in savings for not much effort. It has been a good couple of weeks!

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  1. phantomdata says:

    Ah, to be able to have a choice in ISPs. I’m stuck paying $50/mon. for Charter’s filtered “internet service” with no other alternative. My city let the last cable-ISP available get gobbled up by the Charter juggernaut and my apartment complex never installed switching blocks for the TelCo. Joy.

  2. david says:

    Thanks for the comment. What do you mean by “filtered”? That sounds scary!

  3. TF Miser says:

    Vonage might be legally stopped from signing up new customers soon. If you want service through them you should probably do it pretty quick.

  4. david says:

    Really? Why is that TFM?

  5. Verizon (you thought you could escape them – ha ha) holds serveral key patents that Vonage uses. The whole issue is the courts, but many say that Vonage looks doomed. It may be worth brushing up on Google News on it. (http://news.google.com/news?q=vonage)

  6. david says:

    Thanks Lazy Man, I will do that. Better check into it soon!

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  8. john says:

    do not trust anything Vongage says. They offered a $240 rebate when I bought a computer and switched to vonage, then refused to pay the promised rebate by claiming my mac id number had already been used for a rebate. They are not a member of the BBB and you have no recourse, then the customer service people don’t speak english and just blow you off with service problems, and they charge you $40 if you leave within a year. Vonage sucks big time..