Should I Cancel My Cellphone If I Am Working From Home?

I have discussed in the past the fact that I have a killer deal on our cellphone plan. But lately I have noticed that I barely ever use the thing, and even when I do its not for anything that important. A text here, a quick call to a friend there….I might use about 60 minutes a month at most out of the 500 I have. My wife, on the other hand, uses hers all the time, and comes close to her minute limit every month.

The reason I do not use my cell anymore is because I work at home. Most of the calls I placed from the phone before was when I was commuting to work or out running errands. But now I do not commute anymore and my errands are a lot more contained to my immediate area. When we go somewhere, we always have her phone with us because my $200 Treo is sitting on the desk at home. It was very useful at one point, but now that I make my own schedule and do what I want, it is becoming more of an expense then it should be. BUT…here is my thinking:

We have two phones on our plan with Sprint, 1000 shared anytime minutes, unlimited weekend and night minutes, 1000 text messages, etc etc for about $55 per month. That is for both phone lines. Obviously I do not use my phone that much and canceling our plan and putting my wife on her own plan would save us a few bucks a month. Say we got her a $39.95 per month plan which would more than cover her minutes…with tax that would cost about $47. We pay $55 including the taxes, so it would only save us $8 per month and I would be without a phone for those few times that I might need it. I have made it without a car now for a few weeks, couldn’t I live without a phone. Sure I could…but I just don’t think it is worth it. The deal is so good that canceling it would be pretty stupid, no? Even if I don’t use the damn thing?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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  1. I would keep it. If circumstances change (I don’t know the situation) and you end up needing it more often in a year or two, you’ll probably end up paying close to $70 or more for the same plan. What saves $8 this month maybe a $15 loss in the future. Plus it seems you get $8 a month worth of value out of it. I figure that $5 of that would just be the insurance of being able to contact roadside assistance on one of those excursions.

  2. Chicky says:

    I agree with Lazy Man. I work from home as well and have debated canceling my cell phone. I decided to keep it because of emergencies – both if I break down, or if a friend or family member needs to be able to get ahold of me immediately and I happen to not be at home. To me, the $8 a month difference would not be enough to give up the cell phone.

  3. KMC says:

    Hate to say it, but I agree, too. And I hate cell phones. The only reason I ever have one with me is it’s my wife’s old one. Similar situation to yours. Her plan from years ago rocks, so even though I never use it, we keep it around. We have your same calling plan but it only costs $10 per month. I’m not joking.

  4. Scott says:

    Keep your cell phone. Cancel your home phone (land line) instead and save more money. Since you both have cell phones, it’s redundant anyway. I did this a few years back and have not regretted it. Plus your friends and family will only need one phone number for you and will never have to bother calling multiple numbers to reach you.

  5. Is there a cancellation fee, though? I’m on a family plan (with Verizon) with my mom and my grandmother. My mom wanted to cancel my grandmother’s line, because she never ever uses the cell phone, but Verizon wanted to charge us $175 early termination fee. Considering the contract expires in July, and we pay $20 a month for the line, that’s $135 more than just waiting the contract out!

  6. MossySF says:

    Cancel and replace with a much cheaper plan.

  7. david says:

    The keep-its win, so I will keep it. It makes sense and I wanted to get a feel for some other opinions. And I guess my thinking was right. Thanks everyone!

    Stephanie – There is, but only until next month..thanks!

    Scott – We would if we could. Unfortunately, we get no coverage in our house for our cells. My wife used to have T-Mobile, I had a Cingular blackberry for work and now Sprint, none of them work in our house.

  8. I’m like you. Have a cell phone, barely use it since I work at home. But some calls I make are cheaper on it due to the calling plan.

    Glad to see you’re keeping it. Cell phones make a lot of sense these days. The flexibility is great.

    I think the one advantage landline has over cell anymore is with 911 being easier to route.

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