‘Cha-Ching’ – The Quicken Killer For Mac?


OK so I did not coin that phrase about being the killer of Quickens…but I thought it was pretty funny, so there. Anyways, this morning I was reading about Cha-Ching from Midnight Apps on one of my favorite Apple sites, TUAW, and this thing looks like a good little personal finance application for people that do not need all the bells and whistles of Quicken. Honestly, there is so much in Quicken I cannot imagine most people needing software that robust; I used to use it before BofA started hosting my portfolio online and while it served me well, it was a little overdone. But Cha-Ching looks like it could be a home run if you are looking for a simple but well designed and fully featured money program.

Since release version 1.0 is this Friday, they are having a reverse auction all week, whereas the price today is $20, but by Friday it will be $40. I downloaded the demo version and it seems pretty cool, you might want to check it out today if you have a Mac and need some basic but well made personal finance software.

Get it at Midnight Apps.

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