Carnival Of Personal Finance #96 Is All That Matters.

Although I did not participate in this weeks carnival (call me tired and lazy after our vacation, if you will) there were still lots of great posts about all things money. Some that really caught my eye include:

Queercents talks about our spendthrift nation and the pile of debt we are drowning in. Its going to be quite a long swim!

The Lazy Man & Money discusses the question – Is your home an asset or a liability? Since I don’t own one, I would consider that a liability. Or an asset? I don’t know.

Blunt Money wants you to know that you cannot buy a miscellaneous, so take it out of your damn budget!

Living Almost Large exposes the risks of being a stay at home parent. Even with any risks involved, staying home with my kids would be an incredible gift.

And…That’s all folks! Go check out the rest of the posts at All Financial Matters, and watch for #97 next Monday at Endless Gibberish.

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