Switched To VOIP And Ditched Our Phone Company, Saved $500.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we were thinking of getting rid of our phone company for our DSL and phone service. Well, this past weekend we went ahead and took the chance and so far all is going great. We signed up for cable internet service from Time Warner, saving us $15 per month from what we were paying Verizon for DSL. Then I went ahead and signed up with Vonage, even though they are going through some tough times in a patent dispute with Verizon. Well, this afternoon a federal appeals court stayed an injunction against Vonage, which means business as usual for the time being. If they do ever go out of business, there are a plethora of other VOIP providers to choose from (including Time Warner) should that day ever come.

We were paying $90 for unlimited phone service and DSL from Verizon, but we are now paying a grand total of $50 for the exact same thing, but from two different companies. That’s a decent savings without sacrificing and services we are used to. $500 bucks a year is not anything to sneeze at!

If you have been considering such a change, take a look at what is available in your area…see what the cable company can provide or if there are any DSL deals. The problem with DSL is that you have (in most places) to have phone service from the same company, so that limits your ability to use a VOIP provider. But with cable, you can do with and it took only 4 days for Vonage to transfer our phone number and set up our service. Here is to saving $40 a month with only 1 phone call and one internet sign up!

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  1. Elbo Cenvari says:

    Good job… I did that two about three years ago, but didn’t give out the new VOIP phone number out to anyone, so no one ever called it. The phone never rang. Not only that, we had enough minutes on our mobile phones, that we only used those, after a year and a half of not making a single call on the VOIP, we dropped it. It was a psychological barrier, for me, having grown up with a land line.

  2. david says:

    We would get rid of our cellphones, if they worked in our house at all..we are lucky to get one bar, never mind having the batter drain in roam mode. But for now, I am glad I am saving so much every month!

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  4. david says:

    I pay $19.95 per month for 12 months…if you are not getting that, I would call them up and ask them for it!

  5. coffeepro says:

    You might want to consider Skype. It runs about $30 per YEAR each for Skype-In and Skype-Out (you actually get a number) and that’s UNLIMITED calls to any landline in the USA and Canada. You can even use a wireless phone. The only setback no 9-1-1 service and the pc has to be on (Skype is working on that though). Still… it’s a great value. I use it and the calls are crystal clear.

  6. david says:

    Skype…had not thought of that. I had an account but I did not know anyone using it, so I never went back. Maybe its time to get it another whirl. The computer being on 24/7 is a problem though, not sure the wife would go for that, depending on the computer for the phone to ring. With Vonage, at least we can turn the computer off. Thanks for the tip!