Carnival Of Personal Finance #98 Gets You Out Of Debt.


Carnival of Personal Finance #98 is up today over at We’re In Debt, and its a doozy. In addition in to the inclusion of my post Do What You Love And The Money Will Come, there are what seems like a bazillion others. Some of my personal favorites include:

My Money Blog details his bank account set up to take advantage of interest-bearing accounts. Good advice here.

A Girl Worth Saving talks about her “cheapo” wedding. I agree with everything here, its not what you spend, it’s how great the day is. We did a lot of our stuff ourselves, saving thousands of dollars…though $2400 for a wedding must be a new record!

PT Money wants you to go to lunch with your boss. While good advice, for me, it was never a good thing. When I was working at my office job, I did everything I could to avoid going to lunch, as my boss was essentially Michael from The Office…but worse. Much worse.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity found an interesting article about discussing your salary with co-workers. Personally, I would never advise this, but if someone were to offer you information, you can always use that to your advantage during your next salary negotiations…

Be sure to head on over to We’re In Debt to see the rest of the entries, and look for the carnival next week at Money, Matter and More Musings!

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