Saturday Morning Freebies – Wake Up It’s Late!

And don’t say I never gave you nothin….

Free Sample of Dove Body Lotion from Costco (must have Costco membership)

Free sample of John Frieda Shampoo (from Walmart, and as much as I don’t like them, I will take free stuff from them!)

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Comments (2)

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  1. tanyetta says:

    why don’t you like walmart?

    what about target. even if you hate target, please don’t admit it to me please? i want us to remain friends ok 🙂

  2. david says:

    Its not that I dont like Target, but I do try to buy things from mom and pop stores, as I think big box stores will put all small companies out of business.

    Walmart is another story…I have never and never will shop their, due to their long history of forcing suppliers to take less for their goods, putting their employees on public health care (that I pay for with my taxes), their history of racial discrimination…the list goes on. Sorry!