Festival of Frugality #73 – 31 Ways To Be More Frugal.


Money Smart Life was lucky enough to be the host of this weeks Festival of Frugality. Among the 31 submissions, my article about creative ways to save money on preschool was included. The layout this week makes it real easy to scan through the articles and pick the ones that stand out for you, I really enjoyed it. Some of my other favorites from the list this week include:

  • Blunt Money has some tips on being frugal while shopping at Costco.
  • Lazy Man & Money has an interesting post about the New England Patriots and money. Being a Pats fan, I liked this analogy.
  • Queercents talks about car sharing and saving money. I have talked about this in the past, as we recently sold one of our cars and I became a member in Flex Car…I have not needed it yet, but when I do, I am glad I have the convenience of renting a car by the hour, including gas and insurance.

  • Go check them out…

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