Favorite Blog Wednesday – Here Comes The Sun.


Number 14 in my weekly series “Favorite Blog Wednesday” is The Sun’s Financial Diary . I have been reading his site for quite a while now, it has been a staple blog in my RSS news reader, and it never fails to deliver some great information. From frank discussions about investing to debt reduction to his own net worth, there is information here for anyone interested in personal finance. Some of my favorites include:

Top 20 Socially Responsible Mutual Funds is an in-depth look at which funds are socially responsible and how they compare to each other. Being a very active environmentalist, this post made me think about where our investments are.

23% Company Stocks in 401(k) explains the rational behind what percentage The Sun holds in company stock. A very good read for those getting started in 401K’s.

If you have ever gotten a speeding ticket, you will want to read
My Most Expensive Ticket So Far
, which talks about The Sun’s recent run-in with the law. I have not (knock on wood) gotten a speeding ticket since college, when I was clocked going 107 in a 55 at 2:30 in the morning. It sucked then, and it would suck now. I know everyone speeds, but is the extra 6 minutes you save really worth a $220 ticket plus points on your license?

Well, that about wraps up this weeks Favorite. Be sure to head on over to The Sun’s Financial Diary to see more, and look for the final installment in my series, number 15, next Wednesday!

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  1. Sun says:

    Hi David:

    Thanks for featuring the site! It makes my day, :))

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