Gas Saving Myths And Some Real Tips You Can Use.

So the price of gas got you down, huh? I pay $3.70 for regular unleaded here, which is not a pretty number. And even though it is high, the environmentalist in me wishes it would go higher, but that is a story for another blog. CNN has an interesting article about the myths we all believe to be true surrounding fuel economy, along with some extra tips that actually work…along with my thoughts on each.

1. Gimmicks don’t work. No magnet or special pill is going to increase your MPG. Do not fall for these scams, ever. Promise me? Good.
2. Running the air conditioning while driving does not significantly affect your fuel economy. This is a hard one for me to buy, but Consumer Reports and Edmunds says its true. My Dad always used to yell at us to roll the windows up.
3. Wednesday is not the cheapest day to buy gas. Period. There are rumors about Wednesday being the cheapest and weekends being the most expensive, but it is just not true. Yes, weekends are expensive, but there is no evidence to point to Wednesdays being any cheaper than any other weekday.
4. Turning your car on an off is not bad for your fuel economy, not with todays fuel injected cars. It was a good way to waste gas back in the old days of carburetors, but not today. If you are sitting in traffic for more than 30 seconds, turn the engine off and save some gas. I know it can be a pain, but seriously, these moms sitting at school waiting for their kids for 30 minutes with the car running so they can listen to the radio. Do they know it works even if the car is off?

And now for some real tips:

1. Check your tire pressure and make sure the pressure matches the number on the side of the tire. This is a very basic and easy thing to do, and can really save you money on your gasoline expenditures.
2. Remove excess weight from your car. If you are carrying around 200 pounds of hockey equipment, old TV sets and gold bars, you are really hurting your MPG.
3. Use cruise control on long drives, which prevents you from speeding up and slowing down, even if you do it unconsciously.
4. Drive the speed limit. Ok, I have trouble with this one too, but it does save you money.

Overall there are some good tips here, but really….running the air conditioning does not affect your fuel economy? I think I need to dig into that a little more. Oh, and thanks to Leo from Zen Habits for sending this article my way!

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  2. rambkowalczyk says:

    Maybe the reason air conditioners reduce gas mileage is because they add weight to the car which happens whether it’s turned on or not.

  3. richard says:

    – Buy a lighter car
    – Buy a car with a smaller engine
    – Hop on your bike

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