Carnival Of Personal Finance #100 – Happy Anniversary Edition.


Happy 100th Anniversary to the Carnival of Personal Finance! My Open Wallet was lucky enough to get hosting duties for this historic edition, and what an undertaking that turned out to be. 100 posts to assemble must have been a lot of work, and my thanks goes out to My Open Wallet for doing such a great job this week. My post Love & Marriage – On Combining Our Finances was lucky enough to be included in this giant list.

Some of my favorites for the week include:

Money, Matter and More Musings got the Editor’s Choice award for the post Husband, Does Your Wife Know How To Invest? Wife, Does Your Husband Know How To Pay The Bills?…and it is well deserved and definitely worth a read.

The Frugalist has 147 Tiny Tips to Live Healthier, Happier, Greener and Better. All my favorites wrapped up in one post, great job!

Grad Money Matters asks What is the war in Iraq costing you? Great post, and worth really thinking about.

Again, happy 100th to the Carnival of Personal Finance, and thanks to My Open Wallet for hosting such a monumental carnival!

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