Favorite Blog Wednesday – The X Generation.


The 15th and final site in my weekly series “Favorite Blog Wednesday” is Generation X Finance, which is “Helping a unique generation achieve financial independence”. Great tagline, no? But even if you are not a member of Generation X, there is still a lot to learn here about investing, getting out of financial trouble, real estate and taxes. Jeremy is a great writer who always goes in to enough detail to give you what you need without overwhelming you at all. I have been reading his site for a while now after finding it in someone’s blogroll, and I have not been let down yet. Want to know what some of my favorite posts are?

There is a series called 24 Signs of Financial Trouble which outlines 24 different scenarios that you could be in right now, and possible ways to deal with them. Great series, wish I had thought of it. Check it out if you feel close to the edge…

Lifecycle Funds – Look But Don’t Touch is a very informative piece about those lifecycle mutual funds you are hearing about everywhere. We have one set up and we just let it ride….just as Jeremy says “look but don’t touch”. I love the idea of these funds, but I would not put all my eggs in that basket to determine my future.

How To Get Money For Your Old Clothes Buy New Clothes At A Fraction Of Retail
talks about the time honored tradition of taking your old clothes and donating them to charity. Jeremy discusses selling your old clothes for cash or trading them in for store credit at a used clothing store instead, both of which end up either putting new clothes on your back or cash in your wallet. We normally take our old clothes to the second hand shop down the street, and if they don’t buy them from us, we walk one more block and give them to Goodwill. We are going to try selling them on our own soon, on Ebay or Craigslist, we shall see.

Generation X Finance is a great source of information for all your money needs, including some great articles about investing your money, with reviews of mutual funds and investment portfolios. If you are serious about learning more about investing and becoming financially independent, this site is for you. With 732+ subscribers, Gen X Finance must be doing something right.

And that wraps up my series Favorite Blog Wednesday…I was initially only going to go to ten blogs, then decided I needed 15…but really, I could go on and on as I read a ton of sites and find new ones every week. Don’t be sad if you are not listed here, it might just mean that I found you after I set this up! Here is the full list and reviews of the 15 sites I highlighted in this series:

1. Blueprint For Financial Responsibility
2. Five Cent Nickel
3. The Simple Dollar
4. Consumerism Commentary
5. No Credit Needed
6. My Open Wallet
7. Boston Gal’s Open Wallet
8. Money, Matter, and More Musings
9. Frugal For Life
10. The Digerati Life
11. Get Rich Slowly
12. Zen Habits
13. Mighty Bargain Hunter
14. The Sun’s Financial Diary
15. Generation X Finance

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Wow, thanks for including me in the list, David. There are a ton of great sites in your Wednesday list so it feels good to be mentioned in their presence.

  2. david says:

    Sure thing Jeremy, you should be in the list with all those other ones!