If You Are Getting Married Soon, You Must Read This.


For those of you who do not know, Smart Money runs a monthly column called “Ten Things Your X, Y or Z Won’t Tell You”, and it is usually pretty informative. Well, this month’s column is no different, and it is centered around what wedding planners won’t tell you. But here is what I can tell you – You do not need a wedding planner to have a beautiful and successful wedding. We did it all on our own, from the favors to the save the dates to the invitations to picking out the food…we did it all. And we saved a fortune by doing it that way. So before you hire a wedding planner, be sure to ask yourself if you really need one, and check out the list below, along with the link to the entire article. Good luck, and if you need any advice on planning your own wedding or what we did, you can check out my previous post on the topic, Love and Marriage – Impress yourselves, not your friends.

1. “Something old, something new “” and everything over the top.”

2. “You say you need a reference? Well, you’re looking at her.”

3. “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you calm, cool and oblivious.”

4. “I won’t necessarily be there on your big day.”

5. “Congratulations, Gloria and Bill…um, I mean Marcia and Tom!”

6. “Mixed marriage? Ka-ching!”

7. “The early bride gets the worm.”

8. “Getting married in Hawaii? I’ll bring the suntan lotion!”

9. “Custom silk wedding fans, anyone?”

10. “You don’t really need me.”

Read the details of each and their tips for planning your wedding at SmartMoney.

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