Money Tip – Do Not Use FTD To Have Flowers Delivered.

Seeing as how Mother’s Day was a few days ago, we of course had to send flowers to Mom. And living 3,000 miles away from her, it is not really possible to deliver them myself. So we used FTD.com to buy flowers and have them delivered, as the local place in her town is no longer in business.

Big mistake.

First off, the flowers were shipped without water. None. Secondly, the delivery guy left them at a side door of her house that no one uses, so they sat in direct sunlight all day. With no water. By the time my Mom found them, they were wilted beyond saving. So on Monday, I sent an email to customer service asking for a refund of my money. And today, I got an email back saying they were re-shipping more flowers. This is not what I wanted, so I called them up and talked to a real live person. When I told her what happened, and why I wanted my money back, she said that the reason the flowers were wilted was because it was Mother’s Day, so they were busy, and the flowers were “poor quality” flowers.

Huh? So FTD, on Mother’s Day, you send out “poor quality” flowers because you are busy? You know the holiday is coming….it’s not like you cannot prepare a little for it. So I told the woman that I did not want more flowers delivered, I wanted my money back…especially now that she told me that the flowers were “poor” because it was Mother’s Day.

Moral of the story? Don’t buy flowers from FTD, they think it is OK to send lower quality flowers on Mother’s Day. I know I will be looking around for someone else next time.

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  1. mapgirl says:

    Sorry to hear that didn’t work for you. My two cents (*winky*) is that you should just call up the local florist in your mom’s neighborhood, tell them what you’d like to spend, trust their judgement and give them your credit card number.

    I used to call up this really fabulous place near my mom’s house. It’s where we all got corsages for the prom. It’s a really chi-chi place with high quality flowers and their own greenhouse. I tended to spend about $50-75 each time, but it was cheaper than a plane ticket to visit!

    Another trick is to have the flowers delivered a week before Mother’s Day. My parents’ wedding anniversary is always the week before, so I used to send flowers that would last about 2 weeks, right through the holiday.

  2. david says:

    I used to do that Mapgirl, but the only florist in the area closed last year. They were great, but now we don’t really have a choice, we have to order from someone a lot further away, i.e. FTD. Thanks for the advice on ordering early, will think about that for next time!

  3. I had similar experience last year when my firlfriend was trying to semd me flowers for my birthday. It arived arrived 2 days. However we called up FTD and and told them that we are not satisfied with the service and would call up the credit card about this if they do not cancel. They canceled the charge.

  4. I had similar experience last year when my wife was trying to semd me flowers for my birthday. It arived arrived 2 days. However we called up FTD and and told them that we are not satisfied with the service and would call up the credit card about this if they do not cancel the charge. They canceled the charge.

  5. roblesinge says:

    Two years ago I used FTD for my Mother’s Day purchase. The flowers never got there. They decided to send flowers to my mother in Austin, Texas from a florist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The delivery confirmation shows that they got to the Milwaukee airport, but never left. I imagine they sat in the belly of an airplane for weeks. FTD gave me a refund, but I swore never to use them again. I’m lucky though that Austin has an abundance of local florists to choose from. FTD is one of the reasons local florists are going out of business. I always try to buy local if I can–but having no local options wouldn’t leave you much choice.

  6. david says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. They are giving me my money back, but not before they send my mom even more flowers, which will probably be DOA. Anyone have any good experiences with online florists?

  7. mapgirl says:

    Nope. No good experiences. I got some tulips once from 1-800-FLOWERS for Valentine’s Day, unwanted. Very sad. I left them with the receptionist, who happened to have worked as a florist. She called me up a day or two later and said the flowers were dead and hadn’t lasted at all. A tulip should have lasted 2 weeks. I won’t be buying from them either.

  8. Karina says:

    I haven’t had a good experience here in the states. I am having the same runaround with FTD right now and to be honest, I could care less about the flowers anymore.
    I order flowers for my family in Germany. http://www.aquarelle.de and they are doing a wonderful job, so I know it is possible to send flowers that actually last past 2 days.

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  10. lisa says:

    Same experience here with FTD !! Flowers left Miami on Thursday and were suppose to be delivered on Friday. Got an e-mail that flowers were undelivered and i would get a refund. So we scrammbled on Friday night to get a local florist to deliver mother-in-law roses. In the meantime I got another e-mail on Saturday that said they were delivered late Friday. So we are scrambling to cancel local florist delivery. I did get my money back because of mix up. Would have called and got my money back anyway because flowers were crap. wilted and all !!! Why flowers from Miami then sent to Ohio then delivered to South Carolina is beyond me. Lisa