Yet Another Way To Throw Away Your Money.

I am sure that everyone has their vice that eliminates money from their bank account; I know we have some. But this morning I came across another way…buying clothes and jewelry that the stars wear on your favorite TV shows. SeenOn! finds the items that you see on TV and provides links to where you can buy them. I know that our stars are cultural icons and have a huge effect on the consumers in this country, but do you really need a jacket that someone on Desperate Housewives wore or the shoes that a doctor wore on Grey’s Anatomy? I sure don’t. I’m sure I own a T-shirt or something that someone has worn on TV, but I really do not need to dress just like actors on TV in my everyday life.

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Comments (3)

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  1. Wil says:


    I don’t know any stars I would want to dress like. Besides, when I was really fat, there was a limited supply of clothes out there, so I would often see the fat guy on TV wearing a shirt that I had. More than making me feel cool, it made me feel like we had an official fat uniform.

  2. Ryan says:

    Don’t underestimate star power. The high-end fashion types have been loaning high-priced dresses, jewelery, and accessories to actors and actresses on award night for the massive good publicity it brings.

    It may be we wouldn’t buy stuff like this, but I suspect enough people will to make this new service profitable.

  3. david says:

    I dont either Ryan, and I am sure they are making a killing here.

    And yes Wil, it is a little strange that people want to dress like someone else and not themselves!