Why Your Next Mattress Will Never Be FREE.


You know you have heard the ads on the radio and TV…“We’ll beat any advertised price or your mattress is FREEEEE!”. Annoying, huh? Sometimes funny, but getting old the longer they run on the air. Anyway, you might have heard that ad at some point and thought about going to them with a competitor’s ad, hoping to get a free mattress. Well, sorry to tell you, but it will never happen. And here is why:

The same mattress is sold under different names at each store that carries them.

Yep, that’s right. Say you see an ad for a mattress at Store X called…um…”Sleepytime”. So you take this ad to the above non-mentioned store (but you know who they are) and expect them to beat the price or give it to you for free. However, once you get there, you see that they do not sell the “Sleepytime” mattress. They have another one called “Nappytime” that looks the same, but they tell you it is a different model, and they cannot beat the price on the one you brought in, because they do not carry it. In fact, if you bring an entire mattress ad from another store into their store, you will not find a single one of those mattresses in their store. Thus, they never have to match and/or beat a single price, because they do not sell anything that anyone else does. Well, in reality they do, but it is called something else, so in their “rulebook” they don’t.

However, some big chain stores carry the same names, but not all of them. That is why it is best to just pick a store you feel comfortable buying from, find a mattress you like that they sell, and then either buy it or wait for them to put it on sale. Driving around from store to store with different ads will get you nowhere, as you will never find the same mattress in two different stores. Just a little bit of friendly advice for those of you about to drop $1,000 or more for a new mattress. We ended up getting ours at Sears on a year end clearance, and the one we got was $1200…on sale from $2500. End of the year sales at big chains is a great place to get mattresses, because really, how much are they going to change from one year to the next?

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  1. PENIX says:

    Sneaky bastards.

  2. Hazzard says:

    I have had really good success getting companies to match prices for “like” items. I just bought some electrical wire at Lowes for the cabin that we are building. They carried a different brand than Home Depot but still called them, confirmed the actual price of their brand, and then sold me the Lowes brand for the same price. It’s definitely worth a shot

  3. sipote says:

    Sorry, but I have to ask, how do you know about this? is it just from your own personal experience?

  4. david says:

    My own personal experience doing the research when we were shopping for a mattress, asking a friend who works in that department at a big box stores, and Consumer Reports:

    “When you are at the store, keep the following in mind: “ยข Understand the name game. Manufacturers usually modify any innerspring mattress they make for different sellers, changing the color, padding, quilting pattern, and so forth. Consumers are the losers. Since such mattresses are at least somewhat different, and the names vary, you can’t comparison shop. “

  5. I’ve gotten a couple of places to price match for a similar mattress in the past. This is obviously different than honoring the “free” sales pitch.

    I ended up getting a Queen mattress at Costco with a coupon for $450. I went to several mattress places and asked them to make me a similiar offer to that one and each them effectively said, “Go buy that one at Costco. We can’t sell you a similar quality for under $799.” When all the other merchants recommend that I go to their competition, it makes the decision pretty easy.

    Been using the Costco one for a few months now, and I have to say it feels as good as any of the $1200 or higher mattresses I sampled in the store. Although for 4-5K you can get a decent upgrade.

  6. david says:

    Yea, some places will match “similar” items, but no one will give you a mattress for free because they cant beat the price. At the time we never went to Costco, so we did not know they had mattresses. If I had only known…

  7. Yeah Costco rocks for buying mattresses or anything for that matter. I think I’ll do my wedding registry there.

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