Festival Of Frugality #75 Is Getting Rich Slowly.


Get Rich Slowly was lucky enough to be the host of this week’s Festival of Frugality. This weeks list of posts is about a billion articles long, but the quality of them is fantastic. How do all these writers keep up this amazing pace week after week? Some of my favorites from this week include:

  • fiveberries in texas loses her clothes dryer and starts air drying her clothes. Total savings? $40 per month on the electric bill. And being without the dryer inspired her to take it apart to see what was wrong with it, and she fixed it herself. Nicely done!
  • I Can’t Remember has a great article about living large in a small house. I wish more people thought like this. The average house size in America keeps climbing while families are getting smaller…it just makes no sense.
  • Grad Money Matters has three ways for you to put your old cell phone to good use. I always suggest donating them to battered women’s shelters, as they can always use them to be set to dial 911.

  • My own post about the best places to find free wireless internet access was also included. Be sure to look for the Festival next week at Blogging Away Debt!

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    1. Court says:

      Living large in a small house was a great article. I really have to focus to curb my desire to have really nice stuff!

      We don’t really need huge houses, expensive cars, and other toys that bring us more stress than anything!