A Whole Lotta Carnivals Going On.

Today My Two Dollars was included in two money carnivals; The Festival of Frugality at Blogging Away Debt and the Carnival of Personal Finance at Money Smart Life. As is the norm, I wanted to point out a few posts I thought were interesting and worth a read.

At the Festival, my post When Being Frugal Can End Up Costing You A Fortune was included, along with these interesting tidbits:

  • Raising 4 Boys lists a bunch of places where you can take your kids to the movies for free this summer. Good frugal stuff here!
  • Grad Money Matters asks – How Frugal Are You? With interesting thoughts on frugality vs. cheapness, this is a great post.

  • At the Carnival, my post Why Your Next Mattress Will Never Be Free was included, and check out these quality posts:

  • Lazy Man & Money asks a very important question – Are We Living Larger Or Living Differently?
  • Five Cent Nickel wants to know how you determine your net worth and if it is a realistic number. I gotta say, I am with Nickel on this in that I don’t think my net worth is what I would have if I sold everything I own, but rather what I have now that I can do something with.

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    1. R.Pettinger says:

      Thanks for these links, I’ve just discovered blog carnivals and they seem a good way to increase exposure.