Presenting The Money Saving Festival Of Frugality #77.


It’s that time again – time for the weekly Festival of Frugality! This time up is the 77th edition and it is quite a doozy. While I had an idea to do something a little complex, having family in town for the last week has seriously impacted my ability to spend time at the computer…but I suppose they appreciate it. Anyway, first up are some choice submissions I found to be really great and they are followed by all the other posts in the order they were received. If you don’t see your post here, it’s not because I didn’t like your post, it’s just that it might not have fit within the realm of frugality. On to the Festival!


Paul presents 10 frugal things to try before you die (updated) posted at Wise Bread – Personal Finance and Frugal Living Guide. Some great stuff here, as I am a fan of reading various books on things I should do before I die. However, drinking beer out of the drip tray at a bar is definitely not one of them.

Super Saver presents Free Children’s Books From Barnes & Nobles posted at My Wealth Builder. This not only is frugal, but it will encourage your children to read more books. And anything that does that is a very positive thing indeed, regardless of whether it saves anyone any money.

The Frugalist presents Cheap Versus Frugal: 21 Humorous (but Common) Mistakes posted at Frugalist. How often do you cross the line between being frugal and being cheap? A few years ago I learned the difference and have never looked back!

Nina presents Miscellaneous Expenses: Where Did My Money Go? posted at Queercents. Creating and following a budget is relatively easy…but what exactly goes into the miscellaneous category? If anyone can tell me, please let me know.

FMF presents How to Have A Wedding for Under $200 posted at Free Money Finance. While we spent more than $200 on our wedding, we were able to keep the costs below $12,000, about half of the national average. Seeing some friends drop the price of a new BMW or a big down payment on a house for a 5 hour event encouraged us to save where we could by doing a lot of it ourselves. After all, as much as weddings are great, they are over in the blink of an eye, and most people spend money to impress other people, not themselves. That, my friends, is not being very money smart.


Annette Berlin presents Just Say No posted at Frugal Journey.

Wenchypoo presents High Gas Prices: The New Reality posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

NCN presents The “Once A Month, Check It” Technique For Avoiding Expensive Repairs And Saving Money posted at No Credit Needed. (No Credit Needed also hosted the Carnival of Debt Reduction yesterday, which goes along with being frugal, so you should check that out as well.)

King of Debt presents Save Money By Buying Less posted at We’re In Debt.

GP presents Thrifty Abundance posted at INNside Innkeeping in Montana.

The Happy Rock presents Save $271.23 by Moving to ING Electric Orange posted at The Happy Rock.

Frugal Momma presents So do some frugal tips make you want to gag? posted at A Momma and the Boys Living on a Budget.

English Major presents A Week of Frugal Food posted at An English Major’s Money.

ispf presents Frugality & Maid Service posted at Grad Money Matters.

Andy presents 10 Reasons why I Love to Budget posted at Money Walks.

Mike presents Riding public transportation and trying not to sweat posted at Clever Dude Personal Finance & Money. (Clever Dude also hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance yesterday, so give it a read when you have a chance.)

Stephanie presents The Cost of Busyness posted at Stop the Ride!.

My Own Millions presents Money Saving Tip: Use Energy Efficient Light Bulb posted at My Own Millions.

Shadox presents Saving Money on Tips? posted at Money and Such.

nickel presents Save Money on Life Insurance by Paying Annually posted at fivecentnickel.com.

David (as in, me) presents Buying The Entertainment Book Each Year Saves Us A Ton Of Money. posted at My Two Dollars.

Stephanie presents Affordable Family Dining posted at Unclaimed Money.

KRG presents Get Rewards By Paying Mortgage With A Credit Card posted at Fil-am Personal Finance.

mapgirl presents Buying Cut Flowers Remotely posted at Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 10 Ways To Get An Affordable Wedding Cake To Trim Your Wedding Budget (Plus Bonus Cake Ideas) posted at The Digerati Life.

David presents Renting A Toyota Prius Costs The Same As Renting A Regular Car. | The Good Human posted at The Good Human.

Stephanie presents What Are the Biggest Dangers to a Healthy Budget? posted at Work at Home in Progress.

Sagar Satapathy presents How Credit Card Rate Jacks Actually Work posted at Credit Card Lowdown.

S. Shugars presents What You’re Not posted at Saving Advice.

bill presents How To SAVE A Million Dollars posted at Ask Uncle Bill.

Erik Folgate presents Florida Residents: 2007 Hurricane Supplies Sales Tax Holiday, June 1st – June 12th posted at Money Crashers.

Jonathan presents My Attempts at Frugal Mattress Shopping posted at MyMoneyBlog.

Raj Dash presents Worthwhile Free Applications For Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs posted at Bootstrapper.

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate presents Deviled Egg Debacle posted at Frugal Upstate.

Brett McKay presents Who Are The Joneses and Why Are We Keeping Up With Them? posted at The Frugal Law Student.

Rebecca Mielke presents Is the Price of Gas Changing Your Shopping Habits? posted at The Space Between My Peers.

jim presents Free Show Tapings posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Mr. Credit Card presents Fine Line Between being Frugal and Being Sold posted at Ask Mr. Credit Card.

Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions, and if you see a post or 2 that you like be sure to give them a shout out if you can, especially if you run your own site. If you are interested in hosting a future edition, check out the Festival of Frugality blog for more information. Next week, the Festival will be hosted by Frugal Upstate, so be sure to be on the lookout for it next Tuesday!

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