Sometimes You Have To Spend Money To Make Money.

Two days ago, we went ahead and spent over $2,000 on a new computer. Believe me, it hurt like hell to spend the money, but sometimes you reach a point where in order to move forward, you have to drop a few dimes. My old computer, a 6 year old Apple G4, was slowly dying…programs not running very quickly, new programs not running at all…it was on it’s way out. For email and the internet it was fine, but since I do web design and video editing, I needed a new machine that would not take 6 hours to render a 10 minute video clip. So out came the credit card (to be paid off next week) and home came the new monster machine:


It is up and running now and everything is working fine. Had a few problems with the PPC to Intel chip transition on some of the programs, but so far so good. And it is blazing fast which makes my life easier. Just wanted to share that spending money is not always evil…if investing in yourself will further your money making opportunities, I am all for it. If my last computer is any indication, this thing should last me a solid 5 years while at the same time increasing my productivity and income streams.

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  1. Andy C says:

    While purchasing new large equipment pieces hurt initially, the lack of pain generated from the past aches salves quite well.

    Congratulations on your new purchase. I am sure it zings pretty darn well.


  2. david says:

    So far, it is already speeding things up around here!

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