A Chicago Style Money Wise Round Up.

Chicago style? I don’t know…maybe it’s deep dish. But whatever, I am in Chicago this week visiting family and thought I would share some interesting posts I have had a chance to read this week while I am away. Sorry posts are kind of sporadic…my internet access is sporadic so I don’t get to log on too often. Today we are having an incredibly thunder storm like the ones I used to have as a kid…we don’t see these too often in California. Anyways, enjoy these posts and thanks for your patience!

Trent from The Simple Dollar lives in Iowa and wants you to know it does not cost a lot to live there. I always grew up thinking that the country was not for me, but as I get older I am starting to see the appeal. Along with a few other places we are still considering buying land, the midwest is on the list. Visiting here this week allows me to see the pluses and minuses in the summer.

Frugal For Life discusses The Compact (if you don’t know what it is, you should definitely check it out) and has found some answers that you may have questions to.

My Open Wallet figures out the daily cost of her life…is it something you should do as well?

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