Vacation In The Summer To Save A Little Money.


I know it sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes vacationing during the summer can save you a lot of cash. For example, every summer we take a long weekend in Palm Springs…yep, the hot desert here in California. Even though we live at the beach, sometimes a change of scenery is nice for the weekend. For the rest of the year, Palm Springs is an oasis from winter with people flocking there from around the world. Hotel prices are really high during every season but the summer and the hotel we stay at every year is over $200 per night. But come summertime, the prices drop dramatically because it is so damn hot out there. Usually when we go it is about 112 degrees in the sun, but that is OK because we do nothing but lounge around at the pool all day.

I am sure there are a lot of places like that which drop their prices when the going gets hot, and we take advantage of it every year. Even Las Vegas is cheaper during the summer because of the heat. These are not the type of vacations where you want to be very active; it is just too hot. But for sitting at the pool, soaking up some sun and having a margarita, these kind of vacations can be very easy on the wallet.

If you are interested, we always stay at the Hyatt Grand Champion Resort in Indian Wells, California. The place is incredibly beautiful, away from the crowds of the Palm Springs strip, and the staff is always nice. For a three night stay we normally pay about $240, and it is an easy 2 hour drive from our house. I made the mistake of trying to play golf one year and did not make it past the driving range before I headed back to the pool. But still, I look forward to it each and every year.

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