Eight Random Things About Me You Don’t Need To Read.

Clever Dude tagged me on July 3rd to come up with 8 random things about myself. Normally I don’t do these tag lists, but since it’s Clever Dude and its in the personal finance world, I will take one for the team. However, I won’t be passing along the tag!

1. I graduated with a Criminal Justice degree from college and never spent 1 day using it for a job.

2. I don’t have kids yet but we will be trying come later this year.

3. Back in my “metal” years, I saw 4 Metallica concerts in 5 days by seeing them in every venue they played at within 150 miles of my college.

4. Sometimes I don’t get out of my sweats until 3 pm because…well..why bother when I work from home and no one sees me?

5. I think Tivo was one of the best inventions of late. Anything that still allows me to watch the shows I want but on my own schedule gets an A+ from me.

6. I hate exercise…despise it. I don’t mind going for a walk every day, but actually sweating and working is not my thing. Sure, I should be doing it…but I don’t.

7. Don’t ever hire me to put together something. It’s not that I am not good at it, because I am. But if something were to go wrong, I am not a happy camper and tend to swear at manufacturers, the curtains, the kitchen sink, anything in order to get my frustration out.

8. I am a big environmental activist and run another website dedicated to all things “green”…sometimes I have trouble mixing my care for the environment and my need to discuss finance, but somehow it has been working out OK.

That’s all folks!

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Comments (4)

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  1. Clever Dude says:

    MUWHAHAHA! (evil laugh) So, 4 out of 8 of my tags wrote something up. I figured it would be a good holiday post (since traffic would be lighter).

    Sounds like you and I are a lot alike. I don’t shower until the afternoon (if at all) when I work from home. I swear profusely when assembling things (and I not owe quite a bit to our swear jar). I saw Metallica (front row) shortly after Hetfield recovered from his burns back in my college days. However, I do like sweating because that’s the only thing that tells me I’m getting a good workout.

    Thanks for participating!

  2. David says:

    Metallica took a lot of my money back in the day!

  3. A fellow Metallica fan… I knew there was something that I liked about you. And I’m with you on #6, too.

  4. David says:

    Seems some Metallica fans are coming out of the closet today! (well, not THE closet, but you know…)