The 82nd Festival of Frugality Tells A Story.


The82nd Festival of Frugality is up today over at Mr. Credit Card. This weeks festival is laid out as a story between a Middle Class Dad and His Broke Son which makes for a very interesting read. Among all the “stories” is my post “What Options Are Worth The Money On Your New Car?”. Some other highlights I found include:

Saving Advice has a great post about turning your trash into great toddler toys. I am all for using household objects as toys, as kids generally like those better anyway!

talks about The Price of Your Vice: The Financial Benefits of Quitting. This goes for anything; smoking, drinking, eating. Check it out if you spend a ton on your vice!

The Digerati Life starts the discussion “Who Buys Fake Goods? Plus How To Spot Counterfeit Products”. Living in Los Angeles, I see tons of these things on everyone from rich housewives to the homeless. When in doubt, walk away and buy the “real deal”…even though I think it’s a waste of money to spend your hard earned money on certain brands because of the name alone!

Free Money Finance discusses how expensive it is to live in San Francisco. Although he lives in Michigan, his friend is moving to SF, and Free Money Finance is glad he lives somewhere cheaper where his networth has a chance to grow and he doesn’t spend all his money on just existing. This is a battle we have here in Los Angeles where it is expensive as well, and we are looking to move within the next year to somewhere more reasonable…Taos, NM to be exact!

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