Why MyPoints Is Worth Joining And What I Have Gotten From Them.

If you have not heard of MyPoints, you are missing out on a good thing. MyPoints is a program that gives you points for reading emails from them; that’s all. They don’t require you to buy anything, try anything or sign up for anything. Each email that you get is worth 5 points, and you get a from none to a few a day. Of course, you can shop through their portal and earn points for every dollar you spend, and the retailers are ones that you are going to buy from anyway. I have been a member since 1998 and have earned over 24137 points since then. Sure, it’s a slow process…it takes a while for the points to add up. But combine the emails you get with some purchases, and the balance goes up pretty quickly. Over the years I have redeemed the points for:

2 $75 gift certificates to our favorite resort in Palm Springs, CA – The Hyatt Indian Wells
2 Gift certificates for AMC theatres, each good for 2 people, 2 drinks and 2 popcorns
1 $15 gift certificate to Starbucks
1 $25 gift certificate to The Gap.

Total redeemed reward value: $250 just for reading a few emails over the years. And that is without redeeming anything in the past year, as I have been saving the points up for a bigger reward. I have not found that they sell your information, but just in case they ever did, I am signed up under my “misc” email account that is not my main account. That way, I can cancel the account if the spam ever got too high, but after all these years, it still has not.

Anyway, just thought I would mention it to anyone that was looking for a good email reward program, as it has paid nicely for me over the years!

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  1. marie says:


    I can vouch for My Points also. Over the years I have used dozen of their gift cards,just from reading their emails.

    It’s very satisfying to get so much for doing so little.


  2. david says:

    That’s great Marie, so glad others enjoy the freebies!

  3. Lulu says:

    I used MyPoints too but I think I have only had it for around 2-3 years now because I thought it was a scam at first. I have only redeemed my points (no pun intended) for the Walmart gift cards because I am a poor student and I shop there all the time. I love it and always encourage people to join.

  4. Lise says:

    I signed up for MyPoints with a misc email, too (in a fit of “I am totally going to make money by taking surveys and reading buttloads of spam!”) but I have never redeemed anything. I think part of the reason I haven’t used it is that I still don’t shop online all that much. Another reason is coming across this article, which compares the different rewards programs. There are a lot of rewards programs, and I guess MyPoints does not actually do all that well as far as the dollar value of each point.

  5. I had joined them years ago and I haven’t thought about them since. I should probably look into that account. It sounds like it could be worth my time.

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