I Just Made A Free $100 From Citibank, Thanks Poorer Than You.

Thanks to a post today over at Poorer Than You, I just made a free $100 from Citibank. Until August 31st, if you open a no fee, no minimum “Ultimate Savings Account” at Citibank, they give you a $100 bonus deposit. I opened the account in about 5 minutes online and deposited $10 from my checking account to do so.

The $100 deposit can take as long as 90 days to credit to your account, but Poorer Than You got it in 45 days. The account earns 4.75%, a little more than my ING account does, but I don’t know if I will leave it open after the $100 comes in, we will see.

Either way, a painless and easy way to make $100 in 5 minutes! Here is the link to the application page, but since I found out about it at Poorer Than You, you should head over there to learn about it.

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  1. Thanks for the link, David! Feel free to drop the actual link in your entry – it’s not an affiliate link or anything. Not that I don’t mind some free traffic, but it would make it easier for your readers to track down the offer.

  2. david says:

    Consider it done, and glad I saw the link at your site!

  3. […] who took advantage of Citibank’s $100 account bonus for opening an Ultimate Savings Account (which I wrote about before), check your account, as the $100 might have shown up! I just checked mine this morning and sure […]