Festival Of Frugality #83 Is Out For A Walk.


The 83rd edition of the Festival of Frugality is up over at Money Walks. Along with my post “Why MyPoints Is Worth Joining And What I Have Gotten From Them”, there were 36 other posts on frugal issues. A virtual goldmine of info on being frugal with your cash. Some of the articles that caught my eye include:

Activist Mommy wants to remind you that eco-friendly consumerism is still consumerism. I could not agree more. If you want to really be eco-friendly, need less and consume less. And when the time comes for something new, be sure to look into eco-friendly alternatives to the norm.

Clever Dude says Don’t Fear The Warranty. I am a big believer in getting what I pay for and I always make sure to complain if I am not happy with a purchase, and that goes especially for things under warranty.

Grad Money Matters has written the 10 Commandments of Frugal Living. And my favorite of the commandments? #11, added after the article was posted: “Commandment 11: Thou shalt not buy something when its clearly a want rather than a need.”

Be sure to be on the lookout for next week’s Festival over at Frugal Law Student!

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  1. Clever Dude says:

    Hey thanks for the mention! Always a boost of self-esteem!