Why Pay For Satellite Radio? Listen At Home Or Work For Free Anytime.

I used to pay for satellite radio right when it came out and honestly I thought it was an incredible service for about $13 a month. My long commute at my old job went by a lot faster because I could listen to the kind of music I wanted to without having to listen to commercials between every third song. But when I started working from home, I canceled the service and sold the equipment because, well, I had other options that I did not have in my car that were free. One of these options is internet radio that I listen to all day every day, and if you work from home or in an office where you can stream music, you might want to check out AOL Radio. I have it on most of the day usually, it costs me nothing, and I can choose between hundreds of different channels. One big bonus to AOL Radio is that they have a partnership with XM Satellite Radio and carry a bunch of their channels. You do not need to be an AOL subscriber to listen to most of the channels, and non-members can listen to the following XM stations for free:

XM 20 on 20: Top 20 hits
XM ’50s: ’50s pop hits
XM ’60s: ’60s pop hits
XM ’70s: ’70s pop hits
XM ’80s: ’80s pop hits
XM Big Tracks: ’70s and ’80s classic rock
XM BPM: Dance hits
XM Classics: Traditional classical
XM Deep Tracks: Deep classic rock
XM Escape: Beautiful music
XM Flight 26: Modern adult hits
XM The Heat: Hip-Hop and crossover hits
XM Highway 16: New country hits
XM HitList: Contemporary hits
XM The Blend: Lite pop hits
XM Ethel: New alternative
XM The Heart: Love songs
XM Top Tracks: ’60s and ’70s classic rock
XM Watercolors: Contemporary and smooth jazz
XM Willie’s Place: Traditional country music

If you are not a member, you do have to have an AOL IM account, but I figure most people have one of these. And if you don’t, you can just make one and not use it for IM’ing. If you are an AOL member (I am not), you get even more XM channels. But the free channels are so numerous that I don’t even miss my satellite radio and as an added bonus, I no longer pay a dime to listen to it. You can listen at your computer all day or if you are at home, you can feed the signal through your home stereo with several different available streaming devices. Nothing like getting satellite radio for free! (And no, I am not shilling for them…just thought I would share if you hadn’t heard about it!) – AOL Radio.

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  1. Wow that’s very cool. I had an XM subscription for awhile and got a bit addicted to Ethel. Now I don’t listen to much radio (and cancelled my XM subscription), but I would look into Pandora if I did.

  2. Sadly my work frowns on this as it apparently slows down the network.

  3. Rob in Madrid says:

    I used to listen to itunes but connection problems make it not worth the hassle. I usually listen to yahoo music. but since I don’t subcribe I don’t change the station as I don’t want to lose my settings.

    Pandora doesn’t work yet in Spain

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