There Are Carnivals All Around Us, Can You See Them?

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Before I forget, I wanted to mention theCarnival Of Debt Reduction from last week…I totally spaced on doing a write up. But my post “Pay Off Debt Or Invest – Well, It Depends” was included, along with a bunch of other great posts.

Yesterday, the Carnival Of Personal Finance went up over at Fat Pitch Financials. My post “Do you own your stuff or does your stuff own you?” was included, along with these other fine personal finance posts:

  • Blunt Money discusses getting rid of financial junk. And we are not discussing unpaid bills and handwritten notes all over your desk, its bigger than that.
  • Millionaire Mommy Next Door teaches us how to make money management a family affair.
  • Trent from The Simple Dollar confesses the ten biggest money mistakes he’s made since his financial meltdown. A good read for those of you recovering from your meltdown.

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