Festival Of Frugality #84 Is Above The Law.


Over at Frugal Law Student, the 84th edition of the Festival of Frugality is up. My post “Why Pay For Satellite Radio? Listen At Home Or Work For Free Anytime” was included, along with a bunch of others. Some favorites include:

Pick the Brain lists 78 wealth building ideas from Benjamin Franklin. Quite an extensive list of tips to keep in mind while you build your net worth!

Grad Money Matters says “Now Frugal, Now Not“…cyclical periods of frugality seem to run through everyone’s finances, I know it does for us.

Opportunities Aplenty has some strategies for saving money when buying a house. Since this is something we are going to be doing somewhat soon, I found this post useful.

Be sure to look for next weeks Festival over at Frugal Babe!

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