Thanks To The Guy That Hit My Wife Last Night.

Just wanted to give a big “F YOU” to the guy that took off after rear ending my wife last night in the Mini. That’s real nice; run into a woman late at night leaving her to deal with what happened while you speed away.

So after this person actually accelerates into the rear of the Mini, my wife pulls over thinking that they would stop, but instead they gunned it and took off. She calls me, shaking and crying, telling me what happened and that her neck and back are killing her but she has no idea what kind of car it was or the plate #. And then this morning she wakes up and can barely move. Doctor, here we come.

Takes some kind of balls to hit a woman and take off…Or lack thereof.

Ass. Oh, and thanks for making me pay for the repair on the car, too. Appreciate that.

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  1. phantomdata says:

    Ouch. That sucks, massively.

  2. Yeah, I hate evil people who have no sense of decency. The perpretator sounds like he/she doesn’t have insurance….

  3. david says:

    Probably…it is California after all, the state with the most people without insurance.

  4. I just want to add, I hope your wife feels better soon! Whenever I commute, I get these close calls on the freeway with crazy people driving like there’s nobody else on the road. I feel your pain….

  5. paidtwice says:

    holy crud that sucks. a big F you to them from here too. 🙁

    I hope your wife feels better soon.

  6. That is terrible to hear. Best of luck to your wife in what will hopefully be a speedy recovery. That good-for-nothing hit and run driver will get a huge dose of karma.

  7. Clever Dude says:

    Hey man, I hope your wife recuperates without lasting problems. Cars can be fixed, but bodies are much harder to fix.

    I got hit a couple weeks ago, but didn’t know it. I saw the guy and the van, but didn’t know it happened so didn’t think to get his info.

  8. KMC says:

    Holy crap that sucks. Seriously, I hope your wife feels better soon.

  9. david says:

    Thanks everyone, appreciate your kind words, I will let her see them. Thanks…

  10. Patrick says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your wife. I second what Clever Dude stated: Cars can be fixed, people are much more important.

    It does suck that people can be so inconsiderate as to not even see if the other person is hurt or not. I hope your insurance will cover the damages to your vehicle…

  11. Flexo says:

    That’s horrible news. I hope your wife is alright.

  12. Tricia says:

    What an &$^^%&$&#*!!

    I sure hope your wife will be fine and it’s nothing major.

  13. Brainy Smurf says:

    Here’s to hoping it’s just one day of aches and pains for your wife and she wakes up totally refreshed tomorrow!

    It’s truly sad that there are people out there that would speed away from something like that. Further, it’s scary how many people are out there that would do the exact same thing. No responsibilty out there anymore…

    Like ModernWorker already mentioned though, karma’s a bitch…

  14. Zachary says:

    Hope your wife feels better soon!

  15. Alex Ion says:

    Any chances to find the bastard ?

  16. phantomdata says:

    Ya, are you guys trying to track this guy down or did it all just happen to fast?

  17. Golbguru says:

    That’s not good. 🙁
    Hope things are a little better today.

  18. David says:

    There is no way to track him down. He hit her and took off right away as she was pulling over. She does not even know what type of car.

  19. What a jerk! I’m so sorry this happened to you and hope your wife recovers quickly.

  20. david says:

    Thanks everyone! She is doing OK now, just some leftover soreness. I think she is going to do the chiropractor thing to clear that up. And she appreciates your concern!