Personal Finance Readers Speak Out And Would Take The $25,000.


The other day I asked a hypothetical question to the readers…”Would You Take $25,000 Or A New Car?“. And without a single naysayer, every single person that either commented or emailed said that they would take the $25,000. Yes! That was what I was hoping would be the answer and I am glad to see that people know that the money is way more important than having a nice car. Nicely done guys! Some choice comments from the discussion that followed:

Slinky said “I would take the cash and pay off my student loans (~8k). I’d save some to use for my last year’s tuition. The rest I’d either save for a downpayment on a house or give it to my fiancee to pay off his credit card (if he’d take it). ”

Chief Family Officer said “I would use the money to either pay off debt or put it in my kids’ education fund, maybe both.”

Bryan Villarin said “I’d take the cash and pay off my debts (which it’s fortunately more than enough). Then, I’d save the rest for an emergency fund and some investments.”

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  1. Kim says:

    I would take the 25 grand in a heart beat. I would replace my husband old beater with a late model, fuel efficient car for about 10 grand, pay off the remaining 6 grand on my car, and use the remaining nine to pay off my credit cards!

  2. Definitely money is king here. It’s a good answer and question too. I guess your reader is obviously more financial intelligent then normal folk here.