Managing Your Money On An Apple Computer.


Anyone who manages their money on their computer knows about Quicken, which is probably the most popular of the personal finance software available today. However, for a lot of people just looking for simple money management tools might find Quicken to be a bit much…I know that when I first started using it (I don’t anymore) I was a bit overwhelmed. That being said, if you happen to be on an Apple computer, it used to be that there were not a lot of Quicken alternatives so you had no choice. Well now you do, according to this month’s Macworld magazine, and here are a few of the cooler ones for you to check out:

Buddi – A very basic financial software, does the job but you cannot import CSV files from your bank.

Budget – Cool software that utilizes the age-old “envelope” system. Helps you budget out your monthly expenses.

Debtinator – Does just what you think it would do; helps you get rid of your debt. Tells you how long it will take to pay off your debts and how alternative plans could help or hurt you.

Anyways, the point is that there are a few desktop programs that are good alternatives to Quicken if you use a Mac, so look around before committing to a certain software!

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  1. Ragnar Freyr says:

    I’d recommend iBank for Mac os X. It’s what I use and I love it. Very simple but powerful software to manage your finances, make budgets and all that.


  2. Nantahala says:

    I’ve used Buddi for almost 18 months and love it! It’s very simple and quick, and I like that I can track several accounts.