Organize Your Financial Life – Go Digital.

If you are like most people, you still get statements in the mail for your credit cards, banks, auto loans, utility companies, etc.. But did you know that most of these companies will gladly set you up for online delivery of all the statements? We started doing this a while back and I am so glad I did because it stopped the daily deluge of account statements coming in the mail! Here is what my folders look like:


Usually it is pretty easy to change over to digital everything. Most accounts, once you are logged in, have a link to “stop receiving paper statements” and it is a quick and painless procedure. Some banks will email you the statements monthly while other accounts will want you to log in and download the latest one available. Either way, it is much easier than trying to organize and keep all those pieces of paper that show up every month. I no longer get any bills in the mail yet I still have them all at my fingertips in case I need to refer to one in the future, be it for tax reasons or whatever.

If you have not started getting your statements delivered electronically, don’t hesitate! In the years I have been doing this, I have never once not received a statement from anyone…and it is much more secure than having them delivered in the mail where they can be stolen out of your mailbox!

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  1. Bellen says:

    We, also, use digital statements whenever possible. Right now it is everything but county bills – water & taxes – but we do pay them on-line. Only once have we had a problem – our electric bill would not come thru so they sent us a paper bill and a letter with an explanation/question plus an e-mail just to be sure. Got it fixed with no problem. What we really like is that it is all traceable – bill, scheduled payment, receipt of payment – all on-line with no paper to worry about.

  2. I started exporting to local off-line folders recently and feel worlds better about the security aspect, in addition to the organization you mentioned.