Festival Of Frugality #86 Is In The News.


Dawn has assembled a great Festival of Frugality over at Frugal For Life and I think you should go check it out! My post “I Love Iced Lattes, Why Can’t I Buy Them?” was included along with some other great posts. Some favorites?

Money Under 30 discusses Surviving a Second Job: 10 Moonlighting Tips. If you need some extra income and are considering a 2nd job, be sure to read this post.

Consumerism Commentary wants you to know about the dangers and benefits of Dollar Stores. If you shop at these stores, Flexo wants to know what you’ve found, and what should you avoid.

Grad Money Matters asks – Advice to Get Rid of the Phone Land Line – Frugal or Irrational?. While we still have a VOIP at home, if I had cell service in my house I would get rid of it immediately.

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