Look At The Financial Carnivals Galore, Are You Included?


Two of the major carnivals and festivals that I read on a daily basis are the Carnival of Debt Reduction and the Festival of Frugality, and both have new versions up this week. First up this week was the 100th Carnival of Debt Reduction hosted over at No Credit Needed. My series about digging out of credit card debt was included, and here is the link to the first post of the series. Some articles from other sites that I found useful are:

  • Clever Dude writes “Is the thought of debt ruling your life?”.

  • Plonkee Money wants you to remember that debt reduction is all in the mind.

  • The Digerati Life has a great article titled “Managing Credit And Debt, My Mistakes And Lessons“.

  • Next up was the Festival of Frugality hosted over at Frugal For Life. My post How To Save Money When Guests Are Visiting was included in Dawn’s list. Some posts from around the festival that I found useful include:

  • Family Finance Blog says that frugal living is not magic. I could not agree more, it’s a process…

  • Millionaire Mommy Next Door wants to remind you: Memories are made of the things we DO, not the things we BUY

  • Free Money Finance has some great advice for people going to Disney World: Avoid Crowds, Be Flexible, Shop Around. Living near Disneyland I can attest for all this info.

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    1. Thanks for the mention of my frugality carnival submission!