At What Age Would You Give Your Child A Cellphone?


Earlier today I went out to do a few errands around town and seeing as how I was on foot, it always gives me an opportunity to really look at the world around me. Walking through our “downtown” where all the tourists are, I started noticing that almost every kid there was carrying a cellphone, from probably 8 years old and up. Is this a normal thing, for children to all have cellphones now? Separate from the fact that they probably don’t need one, it’s also an extra cost for a family to absorb on a monthly basis. I would like to think that when my kids are still “kids” that I won’t have to give them a cellphone, but who knows. So my question to you is, what do you think an appropriate age is to provide a cellphone to a child? And do you make them start paying for it themselves?

I am not talking about those “dial 911” only phones…these are regular old cellphones that make calls and send text messages…thoughts?

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  1. The interesting thing is that the answer probably changes every few years. In the 80’s probably never, and the 90’s probably teens, and now it is probably 8-10. We start to train them early by giving them Mom and Dad’s phone when they are a baby!

    My answer even though I only have a 2 year old is never(I reserve the right to change). Children are already bombarded with too much information, and most cell phone conversations are inane. If they want to pay for their own bill, I might consider it. It isn’t a money issue, but a necessity and understanding value issue.

  2. Fraktfritt says:

    My daughter (8 year old) just went to camp with my old Nokia phone packed into her backpack – was that to soon? Am I going to kick myself later?

  3. I say at birth… as long as it has GPS built in. It’s basic safety nowadays.

  4. David says:

    Mine is not getting one till the last possible moment…we all did fine without them and my kids will too.