The Market’s Nose Dive Continues – Boy Am I Glad I Got Out.

Although I do agree somewhat with a lot of people that say now is the time to go in and buy cheap shares of companies you like, I am glad that a few weeks ago I removed myself almost 100% from my individual stock portfolio. After watching the market bounce around for a while, I finally made the call to do what I had meant to do for a long time…get out. Sure, I still have mutual funds and retirement accounts, but I had been holding on to my personal stock portfolio for years, long after I stopped investing in individual companies. I took home a nice profit on most shares and only experienced a loss on a few of them.

Of course, the market goes through these wild times every once in a while and it is making me nervous. But for now, I think I will stay put in my funds and not add or take out any money…let’s see where this ride takes us. But I sure am happy that I took out some profits before the last week came along.

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  1. The market is going down and some personal finance bloggers have lost their minds…

    I’m sorry I have not been posting as often as I used to but with the new baby, new promotion, and weddings I’ve just not had the time to sit down and write every day. Anyway I’ve been keeping my pulse on most of the personal finance …