Sunday Money Roundup – The Sox Are Still In First Edition.

Sure, the gap is closing, as it always does toward the end of the season…but my Red Sox are in first place still and I am enjoying every minute of it. The Yankees are close behind but as long as they are behind, I am happy. Anyway, here are some interesting articles I came across this week:

  • Grad Money Matters has An Open Letter to My Free-Loader Friends. What we all want to say…
  • Five Cent Nickel lets us know that Honda is bringing back the Accord Diesel. Much cleaner than older diesels, todays are MPG kings compared to regular cars. This new Accord could get 63 MPG…sign me up.
  • Mighty Bargain Hunter has a great guide for setting up your own Ebay store. There are tons of tips in there that would also apply to any home business, so check it out.
  • Money, Matter and More Musings lists 12 things he would never spend money on – a pretty complete list if you ask me and I agree with most of them. Except for the printer.
  • Lazy Man & Money lists a rebuttal to this article and lets us know what 5 things he WILL spend his money on.
  • The Silicon Vally Blogger writes – Stop Being Poor! What Low-Income Earners Can Do To Get Off Minimum Wage.
  • Money Smart Life asks – Paying Off Your Credit Card Balance vs. Paying Your Taxes? I don’t know the answer to that one, but I would probably pay the CC companies first if I had to choose.

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    1. david says:

      Many thanks Lazy Man…

    2. …And I remain a hardcore Honda fan =)