Sunday Money Roundup – Away But Not Gone Edition.

Sure, I might be in Boston but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading the PF sites! Here are some favorites of mine from over the last week:

  • Sun’s Financial Diary discusses calculating one’s personal rate of return. If you invest and are looking for info on how to figure out your real rate, check out this post.
  • Punny Money tells you five simple ways to become a billionaire…by solving some incredibly difficult problems.
  • My Money Blog chooses between a 403b/401k or a Roth and explains the process in the decision making.
  • Lazy Man & Money wants to know what your “non-financial” goals are if your money issues were solved. Mine? A personal chef.
  • Silicon Valley Blogger asks “Are you ready to be a parent? The cost of having kids”. Great article and one that I will refer to often as we start to plan for a family. Pretty damn funny too, check out the pictures.
  • Mighty Bargain Hunter encourages you to journal while you learn a new skill…and then make money off it. Never thought of that, good idea!
  • And finally, Five Cent Nickel is dealing with Blockbuster Online’s latest ploy…raising prices and eliminating services. Although BB online works for Nickel, we prefer Netflix and they just lowered their prices for the second time this month, so I am now paying for unlimited movies for $8 a month…not bad!

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    1. Thanks for including my post! 🙂 Good luck with babies and kids!!

    2. Sun says:

      Yes, thanks for the link from here as well 😀