Money Carnivals And Festivals I Missed Mentioning While I Was Away.

Because I was away most of this week, I missed mentioning these fine carnivals and festivals that went up. Sorry for the delay, but if you missed any of them, be sure to go read all the entries!

Carnival of Debt Reduction is up over at Mighty Bargain Hunter. My article about paying off a car loan with a 0% interest credit card balance transfer was included.

The 89th Festival of Frugality is up over at FILAM Personal Finance. My post about an $8 bottle of soap that cleans everything was included.

The Carnival of Personal Finance is over at Free Money Finance. My article “Getting Rid Of Clutter – Stopping The “But I Paid For This Already!“ Syndrome” was included.

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  1. KRG says:

    Thank you for linking to the festival of frugality! 🙂