The Best Free Time Waster Yet – Google Flight Simulator.

Do you use Google Earth? If you don’t, you need to. If you do, did you know that there is a flight simulator built into the latest version? Me neither. I am actually taking time out from flying around Boston and the Cape in order to jot down this entry:


It works on both Mac and PC and although a little difficult to control at first, now I have gotten used to it. If you have not used it before, you won’t see any mention of it anywhere because it is actually a hidden feature. To open the flight simulator, make sure sure you have the latest version of Google Earth and:

MAC: Click Command+Option+A (I only had to do Command +A, but I hear there are different ways)
PC: Click Ctrl+Alt+A

That’s it! You will be asked which airport you want to take off from and what kind of plane you want to fly (there are 2).

Be careful, it’s a time sucker. 2 hours and counting for me. I gotta go outside.

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