Apple To Offer $100 Credit If You Bought iPhone At The Old Price.


If you happened to be one of the early adopters of the iPhone when it came out, you got royally screwed Tuesday when Apple announced a $200 price drop on phones purchased after Tuesday. Of course, if you know anything about Apple it’s to not buy anything of theirs during the first few months, because usually the price drops pretty soon after any announcement. Although I still think it’s a lot to spend on a phone, especially just for the sake of getting one when you don’t need a new phone, but $200 is a big price drop.

So if you bought one before Tuesday, be sure to check out how to get your $100 store credit.

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  1. Matt says:

    Early adopters should know that they’re going to pay a premium for being first out the door. I find it amusing that apple is doing this… then again this is a great marketing move.

  2. rstlne says:

    Early adopters didn’t get screwed. They knew upfront that $599 was what they were paying and they willingly paid the price. If anything, they are just jealous that other people are now getting the iPhone cheaper.